Ultralite 600 Portable Power Station

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Be prepared for any situation with the FreeForce Ultralite 600 Portable Power Station.

It’s light in weight, but heavy on power. The Ultralite 600 has 577 watt-hour storage, which means it’s powerful enough to charge your smart phone 60 times or power your laptop for up to 24 hours.

At under 9 lbs., the Ultralite 600 is portable enough to keep you connected anywhere. Use your power station for camping, tailgating, travel, CPAP machines, photography shoots, and outdoor events—it works as a power source and charger for all electronics with AC, DC, USB and car outlet plugs.

Using pure sine-wave technology, you can can run your AC appliances at peak performance, and protect them from damage. You can even keep your Ultralite 600 on hand in case your car’s battery dies. Each unit comes with starter clips, and easy to follow instructions so you can get your car back on the road quickly.

The Ultralite 600 is a great resource for emergency situations, providing reliable backup power during electric outages and also works as a flashlight and ambient light source. Charge your power station as easily as you use it—either plug it directly into the wall, car outlet or solar panel to keep it ready for your next adventure.

With an Ultralite 600, you'll be free of limits.

Ultralite 600 Portable Power Station

Largest Capacity

This is a dependable power source during any emergency, camping trip, or any other outdoor event. With 577 watt-hour storage, this portable power station can charge medical devices, mini-fridges, computer, cell phones, and even your car battery.


Don?t sacrifice power or energy ? power station is heavy duty in POWER, not in weight, which makes them the perfect accessory for road trips, camping or keeping in your car as a spare power-source. At less than 9lbs, and 10? x4.5? x 7?, you?ll be able to easily bring this with you wherever you need to go.

Battery Life

The long-lasting Ultralite 600 has 577 watt-hour storage, which means at full charge, it can power your laptop for up to 24 hours, or recharge your cell phone 60 times. You can fully recharge your power station in 10 hours in a wall outlet or car charger, or 20 hours using a solar panel.

Clean Energy

Not only are these generators safer to use indoors, and omit no fumes, they also power devices using pure sine-wave technology (500W) to protect your devices or appliances from damage.

Multi-function Output

This station comes with car charger adaptor cable, jump starter clips, DC conversion heads, and an adapter cord, and AC adaptor cable. The unit has 1 AC output, 3 DC, and 2 USB Outputs. It also has a battery life indicator, showing how much power is left.


  • Joe F Jun 24th 2021

    Everyone NEEDS this Power Station

    This little Freeforce is something everyone should have. Its great for Tailgating, Camping, and use outside. We have frequent power outages due to storms and we can now plug in Freezer Fridge and TV. It pays for itself in the amount of food that won't de frost.

  • Karen Jun 24th 2021

    Very useful power source

    The size of the unit makes it very portable. I used it to start my truck after battery died. Perfect for camping. Very satisfied !!!!!!

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