The Fairmount Electric Commuter Bike - Navy 20" Frame

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Go farther, faster with the Fairmount 20" Electric Commuter Bike with thumb throttle and pedal assist.

This sleek, aluminum frame e-bike has everything you want from a bike, like sturdy Kenda tires and 1-8 Shimano Drivetrain—plus extra electric power. The Fairmount features pedal assist and electric thumb throttle technology to take the strain out of traditional biking.

Cycling to work is a money-saving and environmentally-friendly alternative to cars, but brings the downside of showing up to work sweaty and disheveled. Use the Fairmount’s easy to control, premium features to give you an extra boost of power so you can arrive at work without breaking a sweat. There are three levels of pedal assist to give you just the right boost of electric power to help you along as you pedal.

Don’t feel like pedaling? Then use the fully automatic thumb throttle to take you where you need to go, no pedaling required. Use them to ride faster, climb hills with ease and save your joints by putting less pressure on your knees and hips.

The powerful 375W battery allows the bike to run for up to 4 hours or between 35-50 miles using pedal assist and up to two hours or 20-30 miles using the throttle. Go farther without limits with FreeForce.

Electric Commuter Bike

Premium Tires & Drivetrain

This 20" aluminum frame electric commuter bike with 28? wheels, Kenda tires, Bafang Motor and a 1-8 Shimano Drivetrain for reliable and smooth shifting.

Pedal Assist and Thumb Throttle

The e-bike can be operated by pedaling, a combination of pedaling and one of the 3-levels of pedal assist, or you can solely use the motor with the electric throttle.

Battery Life

The powerful 375W battery charge length will depend on your use of pedal assist or thumb throttle. If you are using pedal assist, the battery can last for up to 4 hours or 30-50 miles. If you are relying heavily on the thumb throttle, it can last up to 2 hours, or 20-35 miles depending on the terrain and weather conditions.

Maximum Speed

These bikes are made to go up to 20 MPH, which is the fastest they are allowed to go without requiring a motorcycle/scooter license, registration, or insurance. (But we still recommend wearing a helmet and riding safely.)

Reliable Customer Service & Product Warranty

We are confident in our products ? and to prove it, we offer a free 2-year warranty when you register your product, and have a responsive customer service team on staff to make sure you are taken care of.


  • Lindsey Jun 24th 2021

    I love my new bike

    I'm so glad that I purchased this bike! Arrived quickly and super easy to assemble. The ride is really smooth and I love the pedal assist mode! Great for my commute to the office or just to ride around town

  • Jacob Jun 24th 2021

    This bike is amazing

    This bike is amazing. I use it almost every day when I bike to school which is about a 20 minute bike ride. It rides just as smooth as a normal bike and it makes riding up hills a lot easier. I am someone who has a lot of knee pain, so when I first got it I was hoping it would take some stress off of my joints and the pedal assist is perfect! Assembly was easy and the instructions were easy to follow. The battery is also perfect, I forgot to charge it for 2 days and it still powered the bike perfectly. Overall this product is amazing and I am so happy I got it - I would definitely recommend it.

  • Bern P. Jun 22nd 2021

    My new favorite…

    This bike is outstanding!!! Such a smooth ride. An amazing price point for an e-bike of this quality.

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