The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Electric Bikes

4/ 9/ 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Electric Bikes

In a world of hectic schedules and minimal time for relaxation, many people find it difficult to spend time outside enjoying the sun and fresh air. When looking to improve your lifestyle and spend more time in the outdoors, electric bikes are a convenient and enjoyable addition to your daily activities.

Electric bikes are an eco-friendly alternative to motor vehicles and public transportation, providing riders with the opportunity for an enjoyable morning commute or leisurely bike ride. Designed for all-terrain adventures, electric bikes deliver a stress-free riding experience without the physical demands of traditional cycling.

If you’re looking to spice up your lifestyle and enjoy the fresh air, you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here is our ultimate guide to the ins and outs of electric bikes.

What is an electric-bike?

Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are powered by electric motors, which can provide riders with anything from a boost up steep hills or moving the bike entirely with power. Travelling up to 20 miles per hour with zero carbon dioxide emissions, electric bikes allow riders to enjoy an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional modes of transportation, without breaking a sweat on a morning commute or laid-back excursion.

With electric bikes, both recreational riders and commuters can cover longer distances without physical exertion. As the perfect accessory for any age range, e-bikes are ideal for those with big-city commutes, or those with health issues looking for an enjoyable alternative to the physical demands of cycling.

How do electric bikes work?

Electric bikes have a variety of useful functions, providing a convenient and financially-conscious mode of transportation for all ages. With a similar frame and appearance to traditional bikes, electric bikes can both pedal as normal without any assistance, or increase the rider’s pedal power when needed. For those looking for a ride with minimal exercise, electric bikes can move entirely on electric power, delivering a relaxing and enjoyable riding experience.

What are the benefits of electric bikes?

Along with making a positive environmental impact with zero carbon dioxide emissions, electric bikes are an invaluable accessory for commuters. For those living in a crowded city, this investment mitigates the stress of daily parking, and provides riders with fresh air on the way to work. Not to mention, electric bikes are a resourceful substitute for a traditional vehicle, as their slims frames easily fit inside a city apartment for daily storage.

For those who are discouraged by intense physical activity due to underlying health issues, electric bikes allow riders to experience the joy of bike-riding without the physical exhaustion of cycling. With the option for pedal assistance in steep areas or a ride powered entirely by an electric motor, the bikes are an amusing and health-conscious decision for those dealing with various health problems or previous injuries.

In general, electric bikes allow riders to travel much longer distances without breaking a sweat, therefore minimizing the stress and physical demands of a daily commute or lengthy ride. E-bikes allow riders to save physical energy compared to traditional bicycles, while also allowing them to reach their destinations quickly and efficiently.

What types of electric bikes are there?

When shopping for your perfect electric bike, it’s important to invest in an e-bike that fits your specific cycling and travel needs. Whether you plan to ride your bike during leisurely rides or busy commutes in the city, electric bikes are an ideal option for a variety of different types of bikers.

With FreeForce, you have a choice between three different e-bike models: the Electric Mountain Bike, the Electric Commuter Bike, and the Electric Beach Cruiser. Tailored to fit your particular lifestyle and needs, electric bikes from FreeForce are available in a variety of sizes and functions, allowing every rider to make the most of their biking experience.

Electric Mountain Bike

The rugged Electric Mountain Bike from FreeForce has everything you need for an enjoyable, all-terrain cycling experience. Designed to take the strain and physical exhaustion away from mountain biking, this durable e-bike is equipped with a convenient thumb throttle and pedal assist, allowing for an entirely electric ride, or simply providing riders with an extra boost when needed. With three different levels of pedal assistance, the bike is guaranteed to give you just the right amount of pedal power as you ride. And for those planning to ride in wet or muddy conditions, the Electric Mountain Bike’s hydraulic brakes deliver better stopping power and more control over your bike ride.

Whether you’re looking to cover more ground or simply not work up an intense sweat on your journey, the bike's convenient suspension fork helps to minimize shock on rough terrain. Equipped with a control panel and speed sensor, water bottle bracket, rear reflector, and adjustable seat height, our Electric Mountain Bike is the perfect solution for a stress-free mountain biking experience, allowing riders to climb hills with ease while minimizing pressure on legs and joints.

The 20-inch Electric Mountain Bike is available with a matte black or navy exterior, suitable for riders between 5’6” and 6’1”. With a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour and a 5-hour charge time, this electric bike allows you to go farther without limits.

For more details and specifications, take a look at the Electric Mountain Bike here.

Electric Commuter Bike

The Electric Commuter Bike from Freeforce removes the strain from a daily commute, providing riders with a relaxing experience on their way to and from work. While traditional bicycles require a great deal of physical effort in order to get from one place to another, the Electric Commuter Bike allows each rider to arrive at their destination without breaking a sweat.

If you’re looking for a little bit of help after a long day on the job, the pedal assist provides an extra boost when traveling on steep terrain, so you’ll feel fresh and energized upon arrival. With three different varieties of pedal assistance, the e-bike is an ideal match for any hill. For a fully electric ride, the thumb throttle requires no effort from the biker, so you’ll enjoy a stress-free and comfortable commute. Equipped with a control panel, front and rear fenders, a storage rack, a rear tail light and reflector, and an adjustable seat height, the Electric Commuter Bike prioritizes safety and convenience for any daily commute.

The 20-inch Commuter Bike is suitable for bike riders between 5’6” and 6’1”, with a weight limit of 275 pounds. Available in a navy blue or matte black finish, the e-bike guarantees that you’ll go farther, faster.

For additional details and specifics, take a look at the Electric Commuter Bike here.

Electric Beach Cruiser

As the perfect blend of style and comfort, the FreeForce Electric Beach Cruiser is the ideal choice for any recreational rider. Available with an orange or light blue exterior, the e-bike provides the option for an entirely electric ride, or three levels of pedal assistance when necessary. Ideal for summer bike rides on the boardwalk or leisurely rides around your neighborhood, the Electric Beach Cruiser is a youthful accessory that takes the pressure off of your joints when cycling.

Equipped with a control panel, front and rear fenders, a rear storage rack, a water bottle rack, and a tail light and reflector, this electric bike prioritizes comfort and convenience. Whether you’re embracing nature by ditching your car or just getting out for a little fresh air, the Electric Beach Cruiser ensures that you’ll stay active without any limitations. Designed with an adjustable seat, this e-bike is suitable for riders between 5’2” and 5’8”, with a weight capacity of 275 pounds.

For further information and details, take a look at the Electric Beach Cruiser here.

How fast do electric bikes go?

When choosing the best electric bike for your cycling needs, it’s essential to ensure that the model of your choice keeps up with your lifestyle. No matter which model you choose, all e-bikes from FreeForce can travel up to 20 miles per hour when using the thumb throttle for a fully electric ride. This is the fastest speed that electric bikes are allowed to travel without requiring a motorcycle license or insurance to ride, but wearing a helmet and riding safely is strongly encouraged.

Each model provides three different modes of operation, designed to fit your specific needs and lifestyle. The electric bike can be operated by pedaling, a combination of pedaling and pedal assistance, or you can solely use the motor with the electric throttle.

How much are electric bikes?

When shopping for an electric bike, you’ll stumble upon a variety of different price tags. While other brands market their bikes between $2000 and $3000, e-bikes from FreeForce deliver durability, efficiency, and convenience with an affordable price of $1699, no matter which bike model you choose. Whether you plan to use your e-bike for recreational purposes or for your daily commute, FreeForce guarantees that you’ll get the most out of your investment.

The Best E-Bikes Under $2000

Electric bikes from FreeForce provide riders with a high-quality, eco-friendly mode of transportation that won’t break the bank. Each model has a price tag under $2000, providing you with a durable and efficient investment regardless of your cycling needs.

If you plan to use your e-bike for all-terrain riding, we recommend the Electric Mountain Bike to get the most use out of your investment. Designed with premium tires and a durable frame, the mountain bike guarantees smooth shifting for a stress-free biking experience. Providing assistance over hilly terrain, this e-bike guarantees an efficient bike ride without the physical demands of a traditional bicycle.

If you’re looking for an alternative mode of transportation for a daily commute, the Electric Commuter Bike is your perfect choice. While trains and buses become busy in crowded cities, this e-bike delivers an environmentally-friendly alternative that allows you to arrive at work without breaking a sweat. With a sleek and slim frame, you’ll have no trouble storing your electric bike in a tiny apartment.

For the casual cycler, we suggest investing in the Electric Beach Cruiser. As a health-conscious choice for those dealing with physical limitations during exercise, this e-bike allows riders to experience the joy of cycling without strain or stress. For those who spend their summers at the beach, this electric bike is an excellent choice for transportation to and from the boardwalk. With a convenient storage rack, you’ll have plenty of space to transport your items for a day in the sun.

How far can electric bikes go?

Whether you plan to ride your e-bike in a crowded city, a relaxing beach town, or a rugged trail, you’ll need to invest in a bicycle that transports you to your destination without any hassle. As an electric-powered, eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles and public transportation, you’ll never have to worry about trips to the gas station to fuel up.

When travelling with your FreeForce e-bike, the battery length will depend on your use of the pedal assist or thumb throttle. If you choose to use one of the three levels of pedal assistance, the battery can last for up to 4 hours, travelling between 30 and 50 miles. And if you rely heavily on the thumb throttle for a relaxing ride, the bike can last for up to 2 hours, travelling between 20 and 35 miles depending on the terrain and weather conditions.

Charging Your E-Bike

No matter which model you choose, charging your FreeForce electric bike is a breeze. To recharge one of our bikes, simply remove the battery from the bicycle and plug it into a regular outlet. With this convenient removable battery, the bike can run for up to 4 hours or between 35 and 50 miles using the pedal assist, and up to 2 hours or 20 to 30 miles using the throttle.

If you find yourself needing to charge your electric bike on-the-go, you’ll want to consider investing in a portable power station for the most convenient charging experience. Perfect for camping trips and outdoor activities, portable power stations from FreeForce provide a lightweight solution for all of your charging needs, including e-bikes, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

Take a look at the variety of portable power stations available here.

What is the right size for you?

Along with choosing an electric bike that fits your cycling needs and preferences, it’s essential to ensure that your e-bike is the optimal size for your height. While each FreeForce model has a variety of features and capabilities for different cycling environments, every model has a suggested height range to guarantee the most comfortable ride.

The Electric Mountain Bike and the Electric Commuter Bike each have a 20-inch aluminum frame, making them the most suitable choice for bikers ranging from 5’6” to 6’1”. Each e-bike model also has an adjustable seat, guaranteeing a comfortable daily commute or all-terrain ride.

For smaller cyclists, the Beach Cruiser Bike has a 16-inch aluminum frame, perfect for those standing between 5’2” and 5’8” tall.

Are FreeForce Electric Bikes right for you?

As the newest electric bikes on the market, e-bikes from FreeForce are a seamless blend of durability, functionality, and comfort. Whether you plan to use your bike as an alternative to public transportation, to tackle an all-terrain trail, or to simply get some fresh air, electric bikes are an enjoyable accessory for all ages, physical abilities, and lifestyles.

Our high-quality electric bikes encourage you to explore the outdoors comfortably and without stress. Guaranteeing the most enjoyable outdoor adventures, FreeForce provides you with the power to move - without any limits. 

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