Electric Commuter Bikes: A Guide to Getting Back in the Office

4/ 7/ 2022

Electric Commuter Bikes: A Guide to Getting Back in the Office

After several years of adapting to a work-from-home lifestyle, many employees are starting to transition back to office life. This in-person environment brings many things: great conversations with coworkers, morning coffee runs, and of course, the daily commute.

Although some workers are returning to familiar offices, many of us have acquired new positions during the pandemic. If you live in a major city or your office is safely accessible by bike, consider investing in an electric commuter bike for eco-friendly transportation to and from work.

First things first, let’s get into a few frequently asked questions about commuting by bike.

Person on Commuter Electric Bike

What is an electric commuter bike?

While cycling to work is a great way to save money and improve your physical health, you run the risk of arriving at work sweaty and tired. Electric bikes provide you an extra boost of power when you need it, in order to prevent some exhaustion before and after your workday.

With three levels of pedal assist, the Electric Commuter Bike from FreeForce gives you the perfect boost of electric power as you pedal. And if you’re looking for a leisurely ride without physical exertion, the bike is equipped with a fully-automatic thumb throttle to get you to your destination with no pedaling required.

At FreeForce, we have two models of commuter bike available. The Indy Commuter E-Bike is ideal for riders between 5’5” and 6’0” tall, with an 18-inch frame size and 28-inch wheel size. This model is designed in Gloss Black and White exteriors. The Fairmount Commuter E-Bike is perfect for riders between 5’7” and 6’0”, with a 20-inch frame size and 28-inch wheel size. This model is designed in Matte Black and Navy exteriors.

E-Bike Sizing Chart

What is the benefit of an electric bike?

There are many benefits to e-bikes, as they allow you to manage your physical exertion. Although the bikes can operate without their electric capabilities, our bikes are designed with a thumb throttle or pedal assist for an extra boost when you need it. For those who love the outdoors but have physical limitations, e-bikes are an excellent way to experience physical activity without pushing your body.

Along with physical benefits, electric bikes are great for the environment as they produce zero carbon emissions. And with expensive gas prices, electric bikes save you from constantly filling up your tank.

How to Dress for Bike Commuting

Although FreeForce bikes allow you to arrive at work without breaking a sweat, we have a couple of suggestions regarding your commuting attire.

Invest in a Weather-Proof Jacket

In the event of inclement weather, we recommend investing in a weather-resistant jacket with a hood. You’ll want to ensure that this jacket allows you to move freely, especially if you’re planning to pedal. Also, consider choosing a lightweight jacket for rainy summer days, and something heavier for chilly winter weather.

Comfortable and Protective Shoes

Next on the list – shoes! Some commuters prefer to carry their work shoes in their bag, while wearing comfortable sneakers to pedal. If you’d prefer not to change your shoes after arriving at work, make sure you choose a comfortable business-casual shoe to maintain your safety on the bike. And for rainy days, we recommend shoe covers!

Safety First!

Finally, beware of any loose fabric that could get caught in your bike. For example, paper bag pants are a common in business-causal attire, but you’ll want to make sure any ties on your clothing are secure so that they don’t interfere with the wheels of your electric bike.

And of course, don’t forget your helmet. Safety is always our priority!

How fast do electric bikes go?

FreeForce Commuter Bikes are designed to reach a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, which is the maximum speed allowed by law without a motorcycle license, registration, or insurance. That being said, we always recommend a helmet for safety.

Although the battery length depends on your use of the thumb throttle or pedal assist, you’ll have no problem completing your commute on a single charge. If you’re using the pedal assist, expect your battery to last about 4 hours, with 30-50 miles of travel. And for a fully-electric ride using the thumb throttle, expect your battery to last up to 2 hours, with 20-35 miles of travel.

E-Bike Close Up


We wish you the best of luck in your commuting experience, and we hope you enjoy your time back in the office.

If you’re interested in e-bikes but you don’t plan to commute to work, FreeForce has a variety of other models fit for different lifestyles. For the leisurely summer rider, our Electric Beach Cruiser is your perfect match. And for the all-terrain rider, our Mountain E-Bike is an excellent choice.

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